A bit of history

Entering Ventoux Moteurs and you'll travel back in time in a world of passion. You will discover the men who run it, the knowledge of its workshops and an overview of its many accomplishments.

Laurent Rondoni is, from an early age, fascinated by the technological and industrial adventure. At the end of his studies, he entered the industry in 1989, along with a bugatti fan friend, and they founded Ventoux Moteurs Engineering. At this time, this friend had the finest private car collection in the world. Through these relationships, this man allowed Laurent Rondoni to meet the greatest Bugatti enthusiasts and workshops of reference.

As nothing like these workshops existed on French territory, Laurent saw the perspective that he should run his own restoration workshop. He defined its need for highly qualified personnel and other equipment necessary to carry out all these achievements, and managed to get it within a few years:

"Throughout these forty years of passion, I have tried to communicate it continuously and brought dreams to many people. I worked with people from everytwhere in the world and from all cultures who have send me the passion for their craft and the satisfaction they developed according to it. Everyone has his idols, and I will keep forever Ettore Bugatti as a guide. "

Ventoux Moteurs is already 20 years-old. Our activity is based on the restoration, reconstruction and manufacture of engines and mechanical sub-assemblies, from the origin of the automotive industry until today.

Throughout these years, we have strived to satisfy our customers and the items they have entrusted to us while preserving the industrial heritage.

But in our profession, we can not separate taste and culture of the entire work. We need many technical and cultural knowledge on different subjects and our database provides us extensive documentation. We can always deal with technical achievements that are specific phases but the historical part is a much more complex phase.

Many restorations that have been realized in the past were, for various reasons, an irreversible massacre. Our customers are more and more demanding on the quality of implementation as well in the operation as in the aesthetic.

Restoration is a complex and diversified business: study of the subject, inventory and analysis of existing original elements, control of the parts to preserve and save, study and realization of the missing elements, a network of research expertise and collaboration with the customer at any time.

Today, our realizations are the best showcase to prove our competencies

For Laurent, retirement age sounded but he has been succeeded by the person who bears his name: Raphael RONDONI, his son, and his partner Nicolas BOURIANNE who now head the company. These two complementary people equally passionated and projects-dedication ensure the future of Ventoux Moteurs.

This site is going to be continually updated for the coming months, to inform you about our new achievements, parts development and new parts for sale, and news about the workshop.

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